Factory Energy Management System (FEMS)

Factory energy management system that supports the optimal operation of energy through the management, analysis, and visualization of information related to power, steam, and water for the major facilities at the factory

Main Functions

  • Monitors the power quality and consumption of production equipment and utilities and the usage of steam, gas, water, etc.
  • View energy cost, power consumption, peak management, and savings compared to current factory production
  • Real-time monitoring/response for equipment abnormalities in each line/facility, production performance monitoring, and threshold setting
  • Maintenance of each facility in line, and control and operation of utility facilities
  • Energy savings performance management and automatic report output
  • Fire accident prevention through temperature/humidity monitoring
  • Management of power costs through peak power management
  • Diagnosis of facility abnormalities through alarms set for low and high values of all measured parameters

Conceptual Diagram of FEMS

Production Facilities Machining facilities, injection facilities, welding facilities
Power Generation Facilities Solar, fuel cell, combined heat power generators
Heat Consumption Facilities Cooling/heating, hot water supply, heat-consumption equipment
Power Consumption Facilities Lighting equipment, air conditioners, power consumption equipment