A safe, healthy, clean and orderly environment is, the basic management policy of BMT.

Creating a safe, healthy and good environment for everyone is the fundamental and top priority of BMT’s management.

HSE Policy

All executives and employees of BMT are fully aware of importance and value of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
and contribute to making a disaster-free and green company through proactive effort, continual improvement and preemptive prevention.

Respect for life and social contribution

We try to secure safety and health so that there will be no loss to any stakeholders, including customers and employees, or to assets in all business areas.
We provide differentiated, eco-friendly products and solutions through continuous efforts to improve the environment.

Efficient Management of Resources and Energy

All executives and employees participate in the establishment of a sustainable environmental system by consolidating resource conservation and efficient energy management. Consider environmental effects throughout the entire process of planning, design, production, and operation, pursue improvements to minimize waste, conserve natural resources, and improve energy efficiency by managing the resources responsibly.

Engagement of People

Ensuring appropriate resources and training, BMT promote proactive participation of all executives, employees, and partner companies.
All the members shall do their best to establish an organizational culture that advances HSE in all stages of their works.

Compliance with Regulations and Continuous Improvement

Establish an HSE system more stringent that national laws and international agreements and actively comply with it. Make HSE a top priority in all areas of business activity, including production, facilities, processes, design, and the like. Establish goals and plans to minimize and improve risks and environmental impacts and develop ongoing innovation activities by periodically checking performance.


Sustainable success through
healthy people and safer workplace.

Our people are BMT’s most important asset. Ensuring their good health, safety, and wellness is one of BMT’s most important business activities and is engrained in our culture.

BMT established its Safety and Health System in 2007 with the goal of making a “workplace trusted by all employees” and acquired OHSAS 18001 (currently, ISO45001). Through strict adherence to health and safety policies and procedures, we maintain zero-incident workplace and keep employees’ safety and health at the highest levels.

Our Health & Safety Committee continuously strives to create the best possible working conditions by auditing the Health and Safety performance, leading training programs, and making recommendations to protect employees against possible occupational risks and accidents in workplace.


‘Being Environmental’ is a catalyst
for our sustainable success.

We believe that businesses can play a role in tackling environmental challenges and creating values for billions of people. We also believe that ‘Being Environmental’ creates additional opportunities for our innovation, new market exploration, and economic growth. We, therefore, have incorporated the environment into our strategy.

In 2007, we have demonstrated our commitment through ISO 14001 environmental management system: to manage our environmental impact and to pursue products that have a positive effect on the environment.
The system assists us in identifying and controlling the environmental impact of our activities and products, and in improving our environmental performance in day-to-day operations. We not only ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and requirements but also focus on gaining competitive advantage from environmental issues, growing our business, and giving back. We have accomplished a number of achievements through our product development such as cryogenic valves for LNG, an efficient and clean energy; and SEMS (Smart-eye Monitoring System) for green buildings and factories.

We will continue to ensure that we conduct ourselves in an environmentally responsible manner through the implementation of our environmental management system.