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Metal Clad Switchgear


Metal Clad Switchgear

BMT's Metal Clad Switchgear (MCSG) has the highest level of safety andreliability features.
The segregation between compartments (Circuit Breaker, Main Bus Bar, Cable, and Low Voltage compartments) using metal partitions minimizes the spread of internal arc / explosion accident to peripheral devices.

금속 폐쇄 배전반 제품이미지 1


Reduced installation space

  • Up to 57% reduction in installation space compared to conventional extra high voltage switchgear (for 24kA).
  • · 20% reduction in the half width of switchgear up to 1250A · Integration to one panel from 2 panels of main PT and incoming VCB.
콤팩트 배전반 부스바의 절연거리 : 가로 - 1200mm, 세로 - 2500mm, 높이 - 1800mm(TR 500kVA)/2000mm(TR 750kVA)/2100mm(TR 1000kVA)
일반 고압 배전반 부스바의 절연거리 : 가로 - 1200mm, 세로 - 2500mm, 높이 - 2500mm

Enhanced safety / reliability

  • Highest protection degree of air-insulated switchboards where each compartment is divided by metal partitions, thereby minimizing the spread of internal arc/explosion accident to peripheral devices.
  • Independent bus compartment structure deters any accident from affecting adjacent switchgears.
  • Variety of safety devices, such as mechanical interlocks to prevent malfunction, devices for draw-in and -out of the breaker while the door closed, and fasteners to secure the operating position of the breakers.
  • Hinges and lockers with rigid pressure-resistant structures.
  • Inspection window for circuit breakers on the front door.
  • Metal shutters and shutter padlocks installed in the CB compartment for safe repair and maintenance.
  • highly reliability of tube for busbar insulation.
  • Interlocking structure of earthing switch for safety.
  • CT equipped with insulation-reinforced wall.

Convenient maintenance and inspection

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance, from continuous maintenance/inspection to estimation and rationalization of remaining life.
  • Using the VCB, the middle-tire method that barely requires maintenance and inspection enables easy maintenance.
  • LV compartment with sufficient space for convenience maintenance and the steel wiring duct at the top.

Digitalization of protection/control systems

  • Convenient and reliable power protection monitoring system through digital power protection monitoring device.
  • Digital data link with remote monitoring and control system.

Reliable design and performance

Passed full type test verification including internal arc testing (KERI, The Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) in accordance with IEC 62271-200 standard.

Internal Arc Test Video

Classification by Specification

In accordance with IEC specifications on switchboards, grades are usually classified according to the closed class, partition insulation, draw-out structure, etc. from the user's safety perspective as follows:

Classification(IEC) Cubicle Type
(E Grade)
Compartment Type
(G Graade, F2 Grade)
Metal-Clad Type
(MCSG Grade)
Definition Switchgear structure for general service and procurement.
Embedding the device in a grounded metal box and minimizing partitions.
Metal-Clad Type like structure, allowing at least one non-metallic partitions. highest grade structure of switchgear. Placing the device in separate compartments by earthing metal partitions.
Compartment classification Most are none partition structures. Low protection grade of IP2X even partition equipped. Fewer compartments than the Compartment type. Similar basic structure with Metal-Clad type, but allowing one or more non-metallic partitions.
Mostly consist of insulated partitions for electrical penetration.
Treats same as the Compartment type when some load conductors are mixed in the busbar compartment and cover either of conductor with insulation.
Place the device in at least four separate compartments (breaker room, mother room, cable room, control room) with metal partitions that meet IP protection rating of 4X or higher. Use bushing for formal electrical penetration.
Shutter none Installation in drawout type breakers (metallic or non-metallic)

MCSG Grade > G Grade > F2 Grade > E Grade
MCSG grade switchboard is a top-end switchboard that requires certification of the arc pressure-proof structure in an independent compartment.
BMT Electricity Department produces switchboard of all grades from E grade to the top-class, MCSG grade.

Specification & Components


Rated voltage 7.2 12 17.5 24
Rated frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage ㎸/1M=min 20 28 38 50
Lightning Impulse Voltage ㎸[1.2x50㎰] 60 75 95 125
Short Time Current ㎄/s 25/1 25/1 25/1 25/1
Internal Arc Current ㎄/s 25/1 25/1 25/1 25/1
Rated Current A 630/1250 630/1250/2000 630/1250/2000 630/1250
Degree of Protection IP
Dimension* * Width (650)750/800 (650)750/800 800 800
Depth* * * (1800)2000 (1800)2000 (1800)2000 2000
Height 2250 2250 2250 2250/2350*
standard IEC 62271-200
  • *Height of 2,350mm is the height of 24kV receiving equipment.
  • **The size in ( ) is the minimum size applicable
  • ***In case of withdrawal and insertion of the upper cable, depth expansion by 300~500 mm is required.

Compartment Components