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Management Planning

Establish the company's vision and mid- to long- term strategies, such as technology and market conditions and prospects, and manage implementation of strategies such as new business. Lead short-term innovation projects and improve organizational culture and management infrastructure to support effective business operations. Responsible for various business events to enhance the image of company and develop and manage marketing strategies according to corporate strategies based on global markets.

Human Resource

Based on tasks ranging from recruitment of employees to human resources management, nurturing, evaluating and rewarding. Establish the personnel plan based on the company's strategy, conducts recruitment activities to select key personnel, education and career development activities to foster selected personnel. Conduct regular personnel assessments every year and establish reward systems that are consistent with performance. Empower employees to focus on their work and feel rewarded for their performance.

General Affairs

Carry out the overall support and asset management tasks. Organize events and welfare programs to boost employee morale. Manage assets and facilities to maintain pleasant work environment and enhance work productivity.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting is carried out in accordance with the Company's management policies and relevant regulations and laws. Plan and balance the books and provide prompt and accurate information which is required for management and investment decisions.

Environment and Safety

Execute and manage the HSE system to ensure health and safety of executives and employees and environmental management of the site. Plan environmental safety activities and provide onsite monitoring and training to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Inspect and identify potential hazards at the site to proactively eliminate hazards.

Information Technology

Responsible for providing the optimal working environment through computing system and information strategy, project planning and management, and system development/operation. Develop and operate computer systems such as ERP, groupware, document centering, and MES to standardize and integrate processes through IT technologies. Protect critical assets with information, communication, and security management systems.