R&D Center

BMT R&D Center is creating the future of BMT.

BMT's technologies and innovation begin in the BMT R&D Center. Steady investment in R&D, which accounts for 5% of annual sales, is the driving force behind BMT's growth.

R&D Mission

Any customer requirement can be valuable information for us. We realize our ideas and professionality with technologies and products that aim at convenience and safety while preserving the environment.

Through continuous research and development, we create customer value, enhance the competitiveness of the company, and discover engines for future growth.

R&D Strategy

In research and development, BMT puts customer satisfaction and customer benefits first. The technologies and products we obtain through R&D provide convenience to users and lead to improved profitability for customers. Advanced technologies add real value to customers. With the belief 'customer's profit is the profit of us all,' BMT R&D Center is making every effort to develop the technologies and products that are essential for people and to satisfy customers. BMT has realized sustainable growth through such R&D efforts.

  • Customer Value Creation
  • Customer

Sustainable Growth

BMT's top-recognized products with IPs

BMT has produced innovative products through continuous research and development.

These products are highly praised by customers for their differentiated performance, and they have served as the driving force of BMT’s increased sales and growth.

BMT Electric & Energy’s products and solutions can be applied to all fields that use electricity, including buildings, factories, public institutions, stadiums, and performance venues.

Here are BMT Electric & Energy’s representative products, which are protected by intellectual property rights.

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