Molded Case Power Distributor (MCPD)

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Essential for More Comfortable, Safer, Easier, and More Economical distribution board and switchboard! MCPD is a new-concept power distribution unit that replaces the traditional complex busbars (arranged vertically and horizontally) by one integrated configuration where busbars are pre-configured inside one Molded Case, an insulation case uniformized, modularized, and standardized. This feature enables simple and excellent production of distribution boards and switchboards without complex and expensive busbar assembly processes, and allows easy repair and maintenance.

Features of MCPD

Excellent Operability

There will be no need for burdensome busbar connection. Simple installation of distribution board and switchboard will be possible with modulated MCPD.
Molded-Case Circuit Breaker (Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker) can be installed only with a connector (terminal).


Standardization and Modulation in production of switchboards and distribution boards compared to conventional production which tend to be complex and inconsistent.


standardized and simplified construction enables saving a great amount of direct/indirect cost.

Higher Electrical Safety

MCPD has a structure where busbar is installed inside flame-retardant insulation cases (top, bottom).
As busbar is not exposed to the air, pollution and corrosion caused by external sources can be prevented and the risk of electricity-related accidents is reduced.

Compact and Complete

Integrated circuit configuration reduces the overall size and thickness of the distribution boxes, while intuitive configuration enables complete work.


the panel structure enables easier connection with a circuit breaker and diverse assemblies. With diversity of connectors, MCPD can be connected to almost all types of circuit breakers in the market and configures any circuit structure.

Urgent Construction

Suitable for use in places where installation and construction of distribution boards and switchboards are urgent.

MCPD Part Number

ANumber of poles of main breaker
  • 2 2POLE
  • 3 3POLE
  • 4 4POLE
BSize of frame of main breaker
  • 05 50AF
  • 10 100AF
  • 20 225AF
  • 40 400AF
  • 60 600AF
  • 80 800AF
CType of main breaker
  • E Economical type
  • S Standard type
    (Extensible Type)
  • H High-Barrier
  • L Current-Limiting
  • SC Standard
    (Closed Type)
DNumber of divergence terminals
  • Divergence terminals will be aligned in accordance width forms of circuit breakers of 4P, 3P and 2P
  • (ex) 24P Those width divergence terminal of 24ea
EFrame size and type of branch circuit breaker
  • 05S 50AF, Standard Type
  • 10E 100AF, Economic Type
  • 10S 100AF, Standard Type
  • 20S 225AF, Standard Type
  • 40S 400AF, Standard Type

Other features not specified above are available. Products can be delivered to specific customer requirements.