Legal Notices

Welcome to BMT’s website.

We are pleased to share much information related to BMT through this website. We would like to inform you of a few legal restrictions and prohibitions that you need to know when using the website.

Users may use any information on the website for a personal purpose or save it in your computer. Linking this server on your personal website or document is possible. However, this website is BMT’s exclusive information asset, which was produced at BMT’s cost. Such assets are not confined to information pertaining to copyright, trademark right and technologies. Information assets owned by BMT are offered in the forms of texts, pictures, voices, videos, download files, links and source codes (hereinafter referred to as ‘services and materials’). BMT owns all the rights pertaining to these services and materials and has not assigned intellectual properties pertaining to these services and materials to users. Therefore, except for cases where BMT offers advice in specific in writing, users shall not use our services and materials commercially, download them to provide to the general public, revise, disseminate or use in any other forms.

BMT does not guarantee accuracy, perfection and reliability of services, materials and information of this website and other related websites. Therefore, as for information contained on this website, you are advised not to buy, sell, trade or engage in transaction requiring security. Also, you are advised not to depend on them for any decision making that may result in profits.

The services and materials have been prepared based on facts by BMT.
Also, in relation to the services and materials, BMT does not offer certain or all express or implied guarantee including unlimited assurance for the purpose of sale and suitability for a special purpose. The company will not be liable for anything relevant to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or necessary damage of any kind related to the services and materials.

BMT’s trade name, trademark and logo are business marks that can be used only by those who have been expressly authorized. Using BMT’s trade name, trademark and logo without authorization is in violation of the Trademark Act and the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act, which may result in legal remedies. BMT website offers various links based on the company’s standards for acquisition of information and convenience of users.

It is also to be noticed that linked website contents and their personal data policies are not related to BMT website and that BMT does not guarantee accuracy or reliability of information from the linked sites. Email addresses appearing on this website will not be collected in an unauthorized way via electronic mail collection program or other technological tool. If this is violated, you may be subject to punishment based on the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. and the Penal Law.