BMT Electric & Energy business aims to contribute to creating a smarter, safer and cleaner environment through constant research and development of technologies.

In 2005, BMT Electric & Energy started with the launch of MCPD, a new-concept power distribution unit that provided excellent safety and convenience. Subsequently, through continuous R&D activities, we have developed Korea's first individual-phase separated smart module, Smart-Eye, and the world's first modular-type expandable assembly busbar system, MCBS, etc. This has led to the implementation of breakthrough products such as smart distribution boards and compact switchboards.
In addition, to respond to the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where energy efficiency and the importance of the environment are emphasized, we are leading the development and dissemination of energy management solutions such as factory/building energy management systems (FEMS/BEMS) and automatic demand management systems (ADR systems) through our own research and development (R&D) activities and R&D collaboration between industry, universities and research organizations.

BMT Business Philosophy

BMT's business philosophy of "Always ALIVE, GROWING, EVOLVING, DEPENDABLE Company" is the driving force of BMT's sustainable growth that has continued since 1988.

01Dependable Company
  • We can overcome any difficulty.
  • Being faithful to the basics and our principles, and being willing to take aggressive action, we will surely overcome any internal and external crises and survive.
02Evolving Company
  • We hold the belief that “today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be the best”.
  • We are never satisfied with our current achievements, but are constantly seeking growth and development. There is no hope for a company that has stagnated.
03Growing Company
  • Nothing lasts forever. The market demands constant change and improvement.
  • We must quickly adapt to these changes and demands of the market, and to lead the market through innovation and improvement.
04Alive Company
  • We provide our customers with the best products and services.
  • Without customers, there are no companies. Putting customer trust first, we will be reborn as a superior, excellent company that customers trust more, with the attitude of sharing our culture with customers.