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Compact Switchboards


Compact Switchboards

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  • 한국산업기술시험원 K 마크
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Safety-enhanced and compact-structured switchboard with MCBS (Molded Case Busbar System),
BMT's own patented technology.


Compact structure to save space

  • Reduces volume and busbar by more than 40% and 10% respectively, compared to conventional switchboards.
  • The structure of separating each phase (R/S/T/N) reduces the restriction of clearance/creepage distance.
  • Maximizes the practical space use of the electrical room and reduces construction costs.
    • Height of electrical room : about 700mm ↓(For TR Capacity of up to 500kVA)
    • Height of electrical room : about 500mm ↓(For TR Capacity of up to 750kVA)
    • Height of electrical room : about 400mm ↓(For TR Capacity of up to 1000kVA)
Clearance/creepage distance of the BMT compact switchboard’s busbar
  • Phase-Ground 50mm
  • Phase-Phase 40mm
  • Same Phases 50mm
콤팩트 배전반 부스바의 절연거리 : 가로 - 1200mm, 세로 - 2500mm, 높이 - 1800mm(TR 500kVA)/2000mm(TR 750kVA)/2100mm(TR 1000kVA)
Clearance/Creepage Distance for conventional HV switchboard (22.9kV)(Based on Article 108 and KEMC 2101))
  • Phase-Ground 200mm
  • Phase-Phase 215mm
  • Same Phases 225mm
일반 고압 배전반 부스바의 절연거리 : 가로 - 1200mm, 세로 - 2500mm, 높이 - 2500mm

Convenient operability and expandability

  • Modulization enables disconnection of individual module and partial replacement/repair.
  • Simple extension and convenient connection with existing busbar lindes.
  • Allows for a busbar system that can be installed without additional support insulators, and enables easy installation and maintenance.

Innovative safety and excellent durability

  • A flame retardant material is applied to MCBS (PA66 GF30% Flame Retardant Reinforced) in order to eliminate the risk of accidents caused by electric shock or short circuit and to prevent fires from spreading.
  • By maintaining the MCBS’s dielectric strength completely (up to 20 kV) with a closed structure separating each busbar, the systems and workers are safe from the risk of short circuit/ground fault/electric shock caused by incomplete power supply, moisture, dust, etc.
  • Anti-loosening lock bolts are applied to busbar to protect it from vibration due to resonance, etc.
  • An earthquake-resistant design (zone 4 level or seismic intensity 7) is adopted for the enclosure to enhance safety.

Reliable Trusted Products

Verified with Patents (Korea) and certificates, such as KERI Type Approval, K-mark, Excellent Performance Certification (by Korean MSS), and Excellent Product Certification (by Korean PPS)
  • 특허
  • KERI형식시험
  • 조달청 조달우수제품
  • 한국산업기술시험원 K 마크
  • 성능인증 마크

Specifications and Composition


  • Rated Voltage 24/25.5kV/7.2kV/3.6kV
  • Rated Current ~2000A, or other customer spec
  • Rated Frequency 60/50 Hz
  • Rated Short Time Current:1sec Max. 25 kA
  • Rated Operating Voltage AC220V,110V, or other customer spec
  • Degree of Protection IP4X, or other customer spec
  • Dimension(mm) (W)800~1200, (D)2000~2500, (H)1800~2100
  • Certificate KERI Type Test Report (by KERI, Korea), K-Mark, Excellent Performance Certification (by Korean MSS), Excellent Product (by Korean PPS)

Panel Composition

  • Front View (Layout of Internal Devices)
  • Block Diagram

Specifications of Major Internal Devices

Panel Device Rated
HV-1 LBS 24kV 630A
LA 18kV 2.5kA
HV-2 MOF 24kV 13200/110V/5A
PT 24kV 13200/110V/200VA
PF 24kV 200A 40kA
HV-3 VCB 24kV 630A 25kA
CT 24kV/5A 40VA
SA 18kV 5kA

MCBS(Molded Case Busbar System)

MCBS is the world's first modular assembly busbar system made with BMT's own patented technology.

  • The BMT compact switchboard with MCBS dramatically reduces the spatial constraints of power receiving facilities and electrical rooms in factories, buildings, etc.
  • The closed structure made of the flame-retardant material protects against electric shock and short circuits, thus preventing fire and safety accidents
Material PA66 (Polyamide 66) + GF30%
Physical Properties of Nylon 66 Specific gravity 1.14
Tensile strength 840 (kg/cm²)
Elongation 60%
Bending strength 28800 (kg/cm²)
Impulse strength 5.4 (kg ·cm²/cm)
Continuous operating temperature 115℃ or higher
Heat deflection temperature 130℃ or higher