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HV Switchboard


HV Switchboard

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  • 한국산업기술시험원 K 마크
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Features of HV Switchboard

  • Digital power monitoring device allows the power system to be checked for abnormalities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Earthquake-resistant design

HV Switchboard Specifications

  • Rated Voltage 24/25.8kV/7.2kV/3.6kV
  • Rated Current ~2000A, or other customer spec.
  • Rated Frequency 60/50 Hz
  • Rated Short Time Current (1sec) Max. 25 kA
  • Rated Operating Voltage AC 220V, 110V, or other customer spec.
  • Protection Degree IP4X, or other customer spec.
  • Dimension (mm) (W)800~1400, (D)2000~2500, (H)2100~2550, or other customer spec.
  • Certificate KERI Type Test Report (by KERI, Korea), K-Mark, Excellent Performance Certification (by Korean MSS), Excellent Product (by Korean PPS)


  • One-line diagram
  • Basic configuration
  • Front view
  • Right side view