Smart Distribution Board

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BMT Smart Distribution Board is an optimum system to increase power energy efficiency. BMT Smart Distribution Board uses MCPD and Energy Management Solution – BMT’s own patented technologies - to offer values differentiated from conventional distribution boards.
  • MCPD simplifies the existing complex and costly busbar assembly process through normalization, modularization and standardization, and enhances the safety of the distribution board.
  • The Energy Management Solution provides solutions for energy metering, monitoring and control.

Features of Smart Distribution Board

  • Easy and simple installation and prevention of safety accidents with a MCPD (Molded Case Power Distributor)
  • Electric power management with Smart-eye, a busbar integrated electric meter
  • Supports interfaces between various systems such as EMS (Energy Management System), BAS, and Enterprise Management System
  • Optimized design enabling integration of measurement unit, communication unit, and MCPD: No big change is required (compared to conventional distribution boards without smart monitoring system); installation completed by simple line connection; and more convenient maintenance

Smart DB Specifications

  • Rated Voltage 690V
  • Rated Current ~800A, or other customer spec.
  • Rated Frequency 60/50 Hz
  • Rated Short Time Current (1sec) Max.25 kA
  • Rated Operating Voltage AC 220V, 110V, or other customer spec.
  • Protection Degree IP4X, or other customer spec.
  • Certificate KERI Type Test Report (by KERI, Korea), K-Mark, Excellent Performance Certification (by Korean MSS), Excellent Product (by Korean PPS)

Advantages of Smart Distribution Board

Safety control (prevention of accidents): Control of power supply quality

  • Copper rivet connects main busbar and sub busbar. Connection is strong enough to prevent an accident coming from loosening.
  • Insulation and flame-retardant bus-bar is applied while connections of circuit breaker are subject to diaphragm, which protects the entire circuit when there is a fire out of short circuits.
  • Fire accidents are prevented through individual temperature sensing on the main circuit and branch circuits.

Convenience of installation and management

  • Modularization increases convenience in installation and construction which can be completed simply by fixing and connecting the modules.
  • The ready-made form enables immediate construction and installation after the purchase of distribution boards.
  • High applicability: Can be connected to almost all types of circuit breakers in the market and configures any circuit structure.

Power quality control and energy savings (15~30 % max.)

  • Power quality information is provided to assist in determining energy consumption levels, consumption patterns, and the adequacy of operations.
  • Power quality issues are detected in advance through alarms, enabling identification and problem solving, leading to energy cost savings by reducing operation downtime due to failures.
  • (Optional) Maximum savings can be realized by applying a lighting/heating control system.